Data Center & Enabling Technologies

Given the degree to which today’s organizations depend upon Information Technology to operate, Data Centers are more important than ever. As users become more sophisticated, their perceived needs and expectations grow substantially, without a true appreciation for what it really takes to deliver the services they desire. As a result, most Data Center Operators are finding themselves in the unenviable position of having to support more “stuff”, while either maintaining or reducing (sometimes substantially) the resources necessary to get the work done. For many, it’s become an untenable situation.

By leveraging its core consulting offerings at the Strategic, Operational and Tactical levels, Engaged Consulting, Inc. (ECI) is able to help its customers turn their toughest problems into opportunities by:

  • Establishing and effectively communicating the true costs of service delivery with their customers;
  • Providing the means to establish clear linkages between customer requirements and provisioned services;
  • Working to create alignment amongst the various functional areas and eliminating silo-based thinking;
  • Enhancing customers ability to manage and control the quality of their services.

Whether we’re working to:

  • Create a long-term Data Center Strategy;
  • Migrate or consolidate Data Centers;
  • Adopt/deploy Virtualization technologies;
  • Implement a Green Data Center program;
  • Assess the potential impacts of Cloud Computing;
  • or whatever your interest may be,

ECI has the skills, resources and experience to help you generate value, reduce risk and meet your key objectives. Contact us today for more information.