Universal Service Management

In today’s economic times, “service management” is a must do initiative, as it focuses squarely on how to deliver value to customers. By using a set of proven transformation methods and a comprehensive Body of Knowledge, Engaged Consulting, Inc. (ECI) is able to help its customers operate as a fully functional Service Provider Organization (SPO) and deliver tangible results within manageable time horizons (usually 90-days or less) by:

  • Taking a customer-centric view;
  • Enabling better identification and management of customer requirements;
  • Using a holistic/systemic approach to Universal Service Management;
  • Avoiding “Big Bang” projects and focusing on key results;
  • Reallocating resources to value producing activities without the need for wholesale cuts.

Whether you’re out to:

  • Develop or obtain advice on your Service Management Strategy;
  • Start a new initiative;
  • Fix a troubled I.T. Service Management program already in progress;
  • Gain true practitioner-centric training;
  • or assess the maturity or effectiveness of some aspect of your organization.

ECI is ready to assist by designing a program tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Contact us today for more details on how our consulting, training and simulation offerings can help you create successful, self-funding Service Management initiatives.