Metrics Workshop

Metrics are the backbone of any successful initiative — whether it’s Service Management or not. Unfortunately, there exist few methods to approach the definition and construction of metrics frameworks that allow project sponsors, leaders and participants to ensure that their metrics are relevant and appropriate for their initiatives.

Core measurement frameworks fulfill a similar role in the operation of a service management system, as they provide the “backbone” for its successful operation. The Universal Service Management Body of Knowledge (USMBOK) contains the Business Planning Framework (BPF) and Performance Management Frameworks (PMF) and they serve as the primary means for:

  • Establishing alignment with and connectivity to customer specified goals and objectives;
  • Gaining visibility into the quality and performance of the services being delivered through the construction of service scorecards;
  • Determining when, where and if corrections need to be applied when “pains” are identified;
  • Being able to anticipate problems and opportunities and perform preventative or perfective care.

During this two-day session, we will cover the basics of the BPF and PMF to achieve a base understanding of their operation. Once completed, we will examine strategies for the application of the BPF and PMF to our service management initiatives, using our spine/nervous system analogy. From this foundation, participants will better understand how to identify, correct and prevent the misalignments that can lead to the failure.

By the end of this session, participants will be better able to:

  • Identify the core metric elements needed to ensure project success;
  • Utilize the BPF and PMF in problem diagnosis;
  • Understand how/when to apply corrections;
  • Identify opportunities for preventative and perfective care to avoid problems;
  • Identify organizational and structural changes necessary to obtain lasting results.