Service Management

ECI’s Service Management program offerings are designed for practitioners and business leaders who are looking for practical strategies to deliver services to customers. Many customers focus their efforts on “adopt and adapt” strategies (usually a subset of the framework) with whatever framework seems most relevant to their business. Often times, because of gaps and inconsistencies in coverage, projects and programs either fail to produce the desired results, exceed budgetary estimates, take much longer to implement than planned or all of the above.

ECI advocates a framework neutral approach that is based upon the highly respected Universal Service Management Body of Knowledge (USMBOK). Unlike conventional training providers that are used to preparing candidates to pass exams for certificate programs, ECI is focused on providing true practitioner-oriented programs that address the issues participants face when they return to the workplace. By participatig in our programs, you will gain the knowledge, skills and abilities you need to move your goals and service management initiatives forward.